Dogs: An Adventure Companion

Dogs are more than best friends, they are family, and dog owner Maryl Richards, 30, only wants the best for her puppy, Mars.

“We rescued him from the Humane Society, and he is supposedly a German Shepard/Akita mix,” Richards said. “He’s smart, silly, and in my opinion, the cutest dog in the whole wide world. He loves going on hikes anywhere where he can dip his paws in some water.”

Mars Richards

The excitement that overcomes dogs is immediately apparent when telling them they are going out. Local dogs and their owners, like Richards and Mars, love exploring and finding parks that are dog friendly. Richards favorite park for Mars is West Palisades in Atlanta.

“We love it because there’s different trails you can take, and the views are beautiful!” Richards said. 

About 40 minutes north of Richards and Mars is Haley Schroeder, 23, with her Golden Retriever, Peaches. Schroeder takes every opportunity she can to take Peaches out of the house and is constantly on the search for different places in North Georgia she can take her puppy.

Schroeder lived in Dahlonega, GA when she first brought Peaches home and took the time to get her adjusted to outdoor life. In time, Schroeder moved back down to the Canton, Woodstock area and Peaches accompanied her to new outdoor experiences and adventures. 

“In Dahlonega we loved going to the campus field because there weren’t too many dogs there to distract Peaches,” Schroeder said. “At home I love taking her to Reformation Brewery in Woodstock because there’s so many people and dogs that she gets to interact with!”

There is a plethora of benefits for dogs when their owners take them out to new places. Kate Pederson, a writer for the popular website Pawsitivley Intrepid, discusses how dogs are like humans when it comes to routine exercise and experiences. 

“It is recommended that they receive at least 30 minutes too 1 hour of physical activity per day. Or 3.5 to 7 hours of physical activity a week,” Pederson said.

Richards and Schroeder stand true to making sure their pups, Mars, and Peaches, are out and about and getting a healthy amount of exercise and exposure to the world. New dog owner Leah Barton, 21, is doing just the same with her shelter puppy, Toby. 

“Toby’s favorite place to visit is definitely Lake Lanier,” Barton said. “I was nervous to take him to new places and around new people, but I knew that if I didn’t bring him anywhere, he would never learn.”

Dog-friendly parks are important to dog owners, and Richards, Schroeder and Barton have enjoyed being able to take their dogs to various locations around the North Georgia area. 

At the end of it all, the three of them have words of wisdom for future dog owners who are looking to take their dogs on adventures too:

“I always check to make sure that wherever we’re going is dog friendly. I made that mistake once and won’t do it again. Definitely make sure that you have the proper leash and collar/harness/lead for your doggo.”


“Every dog has the ability to be trained how to be outside amongst people, and once you train your dog to do that you can have some of the best experiences together!”


“Have confidence in your dog. I have learned that it is also important to not get discouraged when you have a bad day. It’s those times that are really learning experiences for you and your dog.”


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