History From a Local Perspective: Downtown Canton

Audio references: https://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/counties-cities-neighborhoods/canton/ http://westgatextiletrail.com/canton/ https://uppbeat.io/t/ben-johnson/the-closer-we-feel License code: FIHZIMCQNPEJ7NJQ A special thank you to Stefanie Forte, Dr. Billy Cagle, and Mr. Bobby Greene for your help and time. Your knowledge of your city and appreciation for its residents is greatly appreciated.

How COVID-19 Has Given Traveling a New Meaning

Having become fascinated with hiking, Bailie Kole, 22, a student at Kennesaw State University, has been visiting State Parks in North Georgia, starting in places such as Rope Mill in Woodstock, Georgia, to developing a love of Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn, Georgia.  “I love hiking so much,” Kole said. “I always thought it wasContinue reading “How COVID-19 Has Given Traveling a New Meaning”

Putting a Pin in a Local Business

Sewing a simple skirt at the age of 10 became a business opportunity for Layne Livingston, 27, when she started up her at home design and sewing shop in Woodstock, Georgia.   Livingston was taught how to sew when she was younger by her mother, but she did not pursue sewing until she was in college.  ThroughoutContinue reading “Putting a Pin in a Local Business”

The Adventure of being a Principal and a Teacher

Michelle Richards runs Richards Christian Academy in Marietta, Georgia, and she is happily continuing with her passion no matter what is thrown at her. Not only is Richards a principal, but she is also a teacher for several upperclassmen courses. Just because she runs the school does not mean she does not want to be immersedContinue reading “The Adventure of being a Principal and a Teacher”

A Sneak Peak at North Georgia Living

To travel North Georgia is one experience, but to live in North Georgia is an adventure that will last a lifetime. Taylor Hollomon, 25, lives in Ball Ground, GA, and her time there since having left Kennesaw, GA three years ago has been exactly what she wanted. “Living in Ball Ground is really great!” HollomonContinue reading “A Sneak Peak at North Georgia Living”

Dogs: An Adventure Companion

Dogs are more than best friends, they are family, and dog owner Maryl Richards, 30, only wants the best for her puppy, Mars. “We rescued him from the Humane Society, and he is supposedly a German Shepard/Akita mix,” Richards said. “He’s smart, silly, and in my opinion, the cutest dog in the whole wide world.Continue reading “Dogs: An Adventure Companion”

Capturing the Beauty of North Georgia

Capturing her community and region through her lens, North Georgia photographer, Allison Bashaw, 24, connects with her clients by finding fun and unique locations in her home state. Bashaw has been taking photos for many years and found it to be her niche when working on a school project through her major at Kennesaw StateContinue reading “Capturing the Beauty of North Georgia”

The Impact of Social Media on Gen Z Travel

Having started her journey with the outdoors at a young age, Jessica Pienta, 21, an avid backpacker and traveler from Georgia, has been sharing her adventures through her social media pages and conversations with friends and people she meets along the way. Pienta’s love for the outdoors was molded by her family when she wasContinue reading “The Impact of Social Media on Gen Z Travel”