The Adventure of being a Principal and a Teacher

Michelle Richards runs Richards Christian Academy in Marietta, Georgia, and she is happily continuing with her passion no matter what is thrown at her. Not only is Richards a principal, but she is also a teacher for several upperclassmen courses. Just because she runs the school does not mean she does not want to be immersed and in touch with her students.

 Annalise White, 17, is a current student of Richards. White has had the chance to help Richards out with the younger students and various after-school activities.

“Ms. Michelle is very nice and accessible to others,” White said. “She accommodates everyone’s needs and is very courageous because she runs a whole school.”

Richard’s tenacity to engage with and push her students to achieve their passions while in school and after graduation has brought opportunity to many. Austen Luckie, 29, is the daughter of Richards, and was a graduate from RCA. Luckie has been working at the school since 2011, and sees herself as working with her mom rather than for her.

“The school is a family business and my mom is the best boss,” Luckie said. “She is always rooting for her students and guiding them in their academic path. She is our student’s #1 fan.”

Richards puts herself on an even playing field with her faculty and does so with confidence and joy, same as with her drive to teach and lead her students.


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