Capturing the Beauty of North Georgia

Capturing her community and region through her lens, North Georgia photographer, Allison Bashaw, 24, connects with her clients by finding fun and unique locations in her home state.

Bashaw has been taking photos for many years and found it to be her niche when working on a school project through her major at Kennesaw State University. Her passion for photography continued after her studies, and she decided to pursue it and begin her photography business, Allison Rose Photos, in the winter of 2018. 

As her skills progressed Bashaw started to scout new locations in her region that would best support her and her business.

“I wanted to find more locations in North Georgia to shoot because I was tired of going to the same old spots. I found locations from just driving around, going to parks, or asking other local photographers!”

North Georgia Photographer, Allison Bashaw

The rise in photographer’s interest to shoot throughout North Georgia has caught the attention of many popular sites recently, that several locations are now adding a photography tab to their websites. 

A popular seasonal destination is Anderson Sunflower Farm in Cumming, Georgia. Anderson Sunflower Farm is only open for visitors and photographers 60 days out of the year, so captivating its cliental is important. Amid its home page, there is a link for photographers to click on and listed are the accommodations and guidelines for photo sessions on its property. 

“Sometimes we get asked, ‘How do you define a photographer’? If you are charging your clients to come to the farm so that you can take photos of them, then you’re a photographer. If you just have a really cool camera and are taking photos for yourself, you aren’t a photographer (at least while you’re at the sunflower farm).”

Allison Rose Photography, Anderson Sunflower Farm, Cumming, GA

Bashaw has been a client of Anderson Sunflower Farm for a couple of seasons and has brought many clients to them over the years. Along with Anderson Sunflower Farm, Bashaw has also frequented other North Georgia locations such as Cheatham Hill Trail in Marietta and Lake Allatoona in Canton. 

There are many sites that have become popular due to the photogenic qualities North Georgia has to offer. Popular travel sites like Explore Georgia showcase its state’s beauty by listing out several of the greatest photo spots to check out.

“My dream North Georgia location to shoot at would be Arabia Mountain in Dekalb County. It’s a gorgeous mountain top about an hour and a half away from Woodstock,” Bashaw said. “I saw so many other photographers posting here, and I fell in love.”

Atlanta Photographer, Eric Bowels, Arabia Mountain, Stonecrest, GA

Pursing photography has a journey for Bashaw and being able to do so in her state’s backyard has opened many opportunities for her. A piece of advice that she would like to leave for other aspiring photographers:

“Go on adventures and look around everywhere! You never know what you can stumble upon. Also, ask other friendly local photographers where their top locations are. Some of them are kind enough to share,” Bashaw said.

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